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The March of TIme - Science In Business


Episode of The March of Time released in 1945 as U.S. Army educational film # EF-221, Science In Business.
"Reel 1 briefly describes early studies and experiments in geometry, chemistry, and electricity. Shows the pyramids. Describes the melting of metal in a foundry, the machining of tungsten, use of light metals in aircraft production, the generation of electricity by sunlight, and Dr. Langmuir's experiments with oil film.
Reel 2 describes consumer research. Charts depict consumer preferences. President Roosevelt addresses Congress. Citizens are interviewed for a political poll. Shows office activity in the Advertising Research Foundation; pollsters for Fortune, Gallup, and Roper at work; the G.M. customer research office; and a spokesman analyzing research problems." National Archives Identifier: 24395

United States. Army

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