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Operation Ivy, 02/02/1954


National Archives description: "Summary: Hydrogen bomb firing under Operation Ivy at Eniwetok Island on 2 February 1954. Narration by narration by motion picture actor Reed Halley.
 Reel 1:
1) MS INT actor Reed Hadley and a doctor of Nuclear Science talking together in control room prior to the firing of the hydrogen bomb under "Operation Ivy".
2) MS officer in charge of Military Police stands and gives instructions to two patrolmen. These men are wearing shorts. The officer in charge walks back and forth, looks at his wrist watch, acts uneasy.
3) MCU INT control room, men making last minute check prior to firing.
4) MCU officer in charge of MP Section walks back and forth in front of control office, shows unease. He checks his watch several times, strokes the back of his head.
5) CU INT control room and equipment used in firing the hydrogen bomb. Man taking data of the operation. Men check the equipment prior to firing of same, exit scene to left.
6) MS officer in charge of MP's waits for men coming out of room.
7) CU waves being churned up by motor boat moving in water, camera pans over pick-up and shows a second one moving L to R. These boats are patrolling nearby area of test site. LS to a large ship near beach.
9) CU Reed Hadley standing on the bridge of a ship, leaning against rail, talking to you (he is narrating this picture).
10) CU map of the Island of Eniwetok, hand drawing with crayola on same designating that it is 25 miles across.
11) ADS showing the small island surrounding Eniwetok Bay.
12) Several ADS's on the islands, showing them connected by man-made bridges and dikes.
 13) LS truck driving up to a research building where equipment will be stored to record the blast.
14) LS large door being raised on building which houses equipment on island.
15) MS INT ship, men seated waiting for bomb firing.
16) MS Navy man signaling with signal lamp on bridge of ship, Hadley standing to right.
17) Series of shots showing personnel working on the islands, preparing and constructing site for operation.
18) ADS on two sites which are connected by a bridge dike across an inlet to the bay and main island.
19) ADS to a small island which has a house and large tower on same.
20) Several views of another one.
21) Several views of men checking out equipment.
22) Several views of men placing specimens on poles in shallow water.
23) MS pan R to L with Reed Hadley as he leaves bridge of ship and goes to lower deck, finally into quarters where officers are discussing and using a large map.
24) Scenes of the men who are in charge of this operation; pan over them L to R. They are not named (no captions).
 25) Several views of Reed Hadley as he talks to us, walks over to a large map, points out location on same.
26) Several views of the Scientists together in ship cabin talking, using large map and discussing whatever is on it.
27) CU of them individually and in groups.
28) CU instrument panel in a control room.
29) CU two men standing (one wearing earphones) talking into mike hanging on chest.
30) MS aboard deck of ship, men standing at rail looking out to sea. Men remove their caps.
31) CU men in control room talking into mikes.
32) CU instrument panel.
33) LS radar antennas on top of ship mast.
34) CU control panel.
35) CU men standing near control panel wearing earphones and microphones. One talking into his mike to the center.
36) LS to island, dolly into a CU showing a very large hydrogen explosion.
37) LS showing tidal wave.
38) LS men standing on bridge of ship.
39) LS to large mushroom cloud rising from firing of the hydrogen bomb.
40) CU Reed Hadley talking to us.
41) MS Hadley as he walks to rail on ship, looks back to the bow where an H-19 helicopter prepares to start up and take off from ship. Helicopter proceeds to leave ship, camera panning with same, L to R.
42) AV H-l9 helicopter flying over area where bomb was exploded.
43) ADS to islands below.
44) ADS to location of island prior to explosion -- it is covered with water.
45) LS to cloud formation.
46) CU waves moving into shore.
47) LS to large boat in water.
48) CU men at control panels; men counting into microphone. Dolly into a CU showing a large explosion, balls of fire rise from explosion. Superimposed on top of same is outline of city indicating how large an area this bomb could cover if it was set off in the city.
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