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Atom Blast, Yucca Flat, Nevada, 03/17/1953


Just sound & no picture for the first few minutes. Then A-bomb, etc footage.

National Archives description: 
"LSs from News Nob of mountain ridge in early morning. An atom bomb is exploded (excellent shot of the blast). 
ELS, early morning, an experimental house burning. Pan of the mushroom against darkened sky. The mushroom begins to dissipate as the sky lightens. 
LS over the desert. A yucca plant and Joshua trees in foreground. Hiller copters come in. Gen John R. Hodge at microphone talks about the blast, the reactions of the men. "None was afraid", he said, 'The troops moved out in order". A soldier, probably a correspondent, questions the Gen about the conduct of the men, etc." National Archives  Identifier: 25979
United States. Army

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