Episode of The March of Time released as 1945 U.S. Army educational film # EF-105, Brazil.
National Archives Identifier: 24381

The original French title is Sorcellerie culinaire. IMDb Page

edgar kennedy decided it would be cheaper to buy and install a new hot water heater than to call a plumber

Nazis try to control african tribes but 2 americans and british intelligence interrupt their plans.

Seen only once in the '90s, ads and host segments for a Wild Wild West marathon. Conrad shares some insights on the classic '60s series. (In 1989 I saw him film his "Jesse Hawkes" series on location in San Francisco.)

A slightly bizarre and unintentionally hilarious short subject about four women playing bridge while the house they're in is being burglarized. Supposedly a true story.

The Mysterious Eagle, attempts to sabotage a local company and frames wayne, a carnival pilot, for murder and i.d. as the Eagle.

Dracula himself donates blood during WW11

El Shaitan, a bad guy, frames Tom Wayne for murder in the Arabian desert and Tries wipe out the Foreign Legion. Tom Wayne must find his ID. 1933 Mascot Pictures 15 episodes

Taken from wikipedia: The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (1941) is a Universal movie serial based on the The Green Hornet radio series by George W. Trendle. It's a sequel to the earlier, 1940  serial The Green Hornet. This was Universal's 117th serial (the 49th with sound) of the 137 the studio produced. The plot involves racketeering and is unusual for a film serial in having mostly stand alone episodes instead of a continuous story (although this was also the case for the original Green Hornet serial).


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