Public Domain Movies released in 1956

After the theft of $500,000 in a carefully executed train robbery, an insurance investigator (Mark Stevens, who also doubled as director and producer) is forced to cancel a planned vacation with his wife to assist a railroad detective in identifying the culprits and recovering the money. However, private preoccupations weigh on his mind and he grows increasingly restless as the investigation goes on.

An Episode of the Fu Manchu TV Series "The Death Ships of Fu Manchu" (air date - Oct 29 1956) Starring Glen Gordon as Fu Manchu and Lester Matthews as Nayland Smith

Taken from IMDB: A young teenage girl desperately tries to earn enough money to buy a dress for a school rock and roll dance. This early rock and roll feature includes an appearance by disc jockey Alan Freed, and performances by artists including Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Cast Arthur Askey ... Bill Ramsbottom Glenn Melvyn ... Charlie Sid James ... Black Jake Shani Wallis ... Joan Ramsbottom Frankie Vaughan ... Elmer Betty Marsden ... Florrie Ramsbottom Jerry Desmonde ... Blue Eagle Sabrina ... Girl Danny Ross ... Danny Anthea Askey ... Susie Ramsbottom This film is said to be lost?? (obviously not since there is this copy) and this is the only known copy and the quality is very poor, but someone requested in the forums so here you go

A lawyer wins an a acquittal for his client, a woman accused of murder. After the verdict, he finds out that she indeed did commit the murder and manipulated him to win her acquittal.

Tracy Powell (David Wayne), an Indiana farmer, gets the gold fever and heads for Stockton, California in 1849. There, he abandons his first partner, Bert Killian (Denver Pyle), and teams up with Sam Wilkins (Keenan Wynn), a claim jumper employed by Willis Haver (Jim Backus). Six years later, Powell returns to Indiana and his sweetheart, Julie (Marcia Henderson). They marry and he tries farming again but, on the night their son is born, he takes off again searching for gold.

A newspaper publisher's daughter suffers from neglect by her parents. She and her friends turn to crime by dressing up like men, holding up gas stations, raping young men at gunpoint, and having makeout parties when her parents are away.

Musical variety filmed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City.

Daniel Boone leads settlers into Kentucky, but must battle Shawnee Indians who have been persuaded by a French renegade that Boone and the settlers are there to kill them and steal their land.

Cruising the galaxy in his space ship "The Orbit Jet" Space Ranger, Rocky Jones (Richard Crane), Vena Ray (Sally Mansfield), and 10 year-old Bobby (Robert Lyden) defend the Earth and themselves against space-bound evil doers. A couple of missiles strike earth and Rocky and the gang go to find out where they are coming from. They end up on a moon of Jupiter which is perfect for their survival. They are lucky to land because they have run out of gas. At least their gas gauge says so.