Public Domain Movies released in 1940

A Hopalong Cassidy Movie. See more at... Writers: Clarence E. Mulford (characters), Norton S. Parker (screenplay) Stars: William Boyd, Russell Hayden and Andy Clyde

A prim school teacher (Heather Angel) has a secret desire to kick up her heels and leave her small town behind her. She does the next best thing - buys some silk stockings, a new hat and goes on a spree for the day. She gets some unwanted attention from a hood, "Handsome" (Henry Brandon), and in her haste to escape, pushes him over and steals his car. Unbeknownst to her, there is a dead body in the back. She picks up a hitch-hiker (John King), whose car has broken down, and a romance begins.

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Hollywood's take on the Thomas Hughes' classic about a group of Victorian schoolboys who declare war on the ruthless bullies who run their boarding school with an iron fist. Cedric Hardwicke ... Dr. Thomas Arnold (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke) Freddie Bartholomew ... East Jimmy Lydon ... Tom Brown Josephine Hutchinson ... Mrs. Mary Arnold Billy Halop ... Flashman Polly Moran ... Sally Harowell

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Easterner Madeline Hammond (Jo Ann Sayers) has decided to buy a cattle ranch not knowing that there is an ammunition smuggling ring operating off her land. When her workers who venture too close to the smugglers' hideout and begin getting shot at she must find a way to stop it. The only man that can help bring the corruption to an end is a drunk head named Gene Stewart (Victor Jory) who has been forced into exile after a brawl with the town sheriff (Tom Tyler) who is a leader of the smuggling operation.

Roy Rogers, posing as The Carson City Kid, is seeking vengeance on Morgan Reynolds (Bob Steele), the man who killed his brother. To find Reynolds in the gold towns, he systematically stops stagecoaches and goes through the mail, hoping to find letters addressed to Reynolds and thusly learn his whereabouts. Thus "The Kid" earns the reputation of a stagecoach robber, although he never takes anything, and the reputation is enhanced by the fact that he travels with Laramie (Francis McDonald), a notorious half-breed outlaw.

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The first film adaptation of the "Lum and Abner" Radio Program.

AKA Men with Steel Faces. Re-edited feature version of serial The Phantom Empire (1935) Singer Gene Autry discovers a race of advanced humans living beneath the earth.