Public Domain Movies released in 1939

Frieda Inescort and Otto Kruger play two stars of the theater in this tear-jerker.

This was the first comedy that Laurel and Hardy starred in without producer Hal Roach, although they had previously been "guest stars" in four MGM movies. After they finished making "The Flying Deuces," they returned to Hal Roach Studios to make films. In order to make this movie, producer Boris Morros bought the rights to the 1931 French film "Les deux legionnaires," which had a similar plot. "The Flying Deuces" was Morros' first independent production and it was shot in continuity over a span of four weeks. Only one day was reportedly needed for retakes.

Wallace Ford experiences poverty, crime, and incarceration.

Roy Rogers has been sent to bring in Jesse James. After Wyatt's bank is robbed and Jesse is blamed, Roy is able to work himself into Jesse's gang. Learning that Jesse does not have the banks money, Roy realizes Wyatt robbed his own bank posing as Jesse. Roy now sets a trap for Wyatt that he hopes will recover the money.

Upon receiving a death threat from the "Gorilla", a killer infamous for a string of murders, insurance broker Walter Stevens employs detectives Garrity, Harrigan and Mulligan for protection. The detectives arrive at Stevens' mansion that night, and proceed to explore the house and grounds, and question servants. All to no avail, because as the clock strikes midnight Stevens disappears.

While preparing to marry his fiancee (for the umpteenth time!), Drummond discovers that there is a treasure buried somewhere in the secret passageways beneath his ancient British estate. When England's most-noted history professor reveals this to Drummond, he is invited to stay at the manor house. He is murdered before he can figure out the meaning of the ancient cypher, and Drummond & Co. have to discover it AND the murderer. A VERY interesting story, with secret passageways, ancient torture devices, and all sorts of "death-dealing devices". John Howard, H. B. Warner, E. E.

Tommy McCoy (Freddie Jackson) and "Dude" Markey (Monte Hawley) are both in love with Harlem singer/dancer Nita (Jeni Le Gon). Markey robs a jewelry store and turns the loot over to gang-boss Murray Howard (Maceo Bruce Scheffield). Later, Markey robs the safe, steals the jewelry, and, in order to get rid of his rival for Nita, frames the robbery on McCoy. The latter's big-brother thinks otherwise and, with Nita's help, sets out to prove it.

James Lydon appears as Francis (Frankie) Rogers, a small boy living a desperate existence in a slum area, who steals a harmonica in order to fit in with his classmates. He winds up in reform school, and eventually spends much of his life in prison. Upon his release, he (Wallace Ford - Frankie as an adult) finds that life on the outside can be just as hard as life on the inside.

From IMDb: A pretty Chinese woman, seeking help from San Francisco detective James Lee Wong, is killed by a poisoned dart in his front hall, having time only to scrawl "Captain J" on a sheet of paper. She proves to be Princess Lin Hwa, on a secret military mission for Chinese forces fighting the Japanese invasion. Mr. Wong finds two captains with the intial J in the case, neither being quite what he seems; there's fog on the waterfront and someone still has that poison-dart gun...

Reporter Sue Walker (Grace Bradley) has too much inside information on the local gambling rackets to suit her sweetheart, Detective Lieutenant Jerry Brown (Roland Drew), chief of the police Homicide Squad.