Public Domain Movies released in 1938

From IMDb: As his wedding to Phyllis Clavering approaches, Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond has taken extreme precautions to avoid getting caught up in another adventure that would delay the wedding. But even as they make their final preparations, their friend Colonel Nielsen is being kidnapped by a gang headed by the traitorous Richard Lane. Phyllis witnesses the abduction, and quickly finds Drummond to tell him. They track the gang to Morocco, where they will face many obstacles to their goal of rescuing Nielsen.

After his father is unjustly executed, Jimmy Boylan (Billy Halop) teams up with the Dead End Kids. He and the gang soon find themselves up against the manipulative D.A.'s son who is determined to transform them from a gang of territorial newsboys into hardened criminals.

Lew Ayres is a poor young man whose girl is stolen by a rich man.

St Martins Lane aka Sidewalks of London From IMDB On the sidewalks of the London theater district the buskers (street performers) earn enough coins for a cheap room. Charles, who recites dramatic monologues, sees that a young pickpocket, Libby, also has a talent for dancing and adds her to his act. Harley, the theater patron who never knew Libby took his gold cigarette case, is impressed by Libby's dancing and invites her to bring Charles and the other buskers in his group to an after-the-play party.

An architect is mistaken for an escaped convict.

Sexton Blake and Tinker foil criminal plot connected with the Tongs, and master-minded by "famous stamp collector" and millionaire.

Two daredevil pilots go after the same girl.

Tex Ritter plays a Texas Ranger who comes to the aid of a group of cattlemen who've found themselves in the middle of a vicious land war with ruthless sheep farmers and of one landowner in particular who finds himself framed for murder by the sheep men and by his own half-brother.

Comedy western with an all midget cast. You can read about it on its IMDb page. This film is already uploaded to the archives, but would not play when embedded, so I've reformatted it hoping that it can be embedded without errors.

He's in so much danger from murderous thugs that Alcatraz seems inviting.