1995 Short Film from Australia. "In a small country town, even hope is hard to come by. But a chance meeting will change everything."

Excerpt From "Dating: Dos And Don'ts": http://www.archive.org/details/DatingDo1949

Well, with summer cooling down, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the kids going back to school with every parents' nightmare - Teenagers! And what better way than to present some vintage "Teen Terrors" from the 1950's. First up, after the usual coming attractions and invites to the Snack Bar, we are pleased to bring you a wonderful short subject warning our youth about alcohol. Then, our first feature is "Teenagers From Outer Space" featuring a "bad" kid and a giant Lobster! Finally, after a brief intermission, we proudly bring you the low-budget wonder "Teenage Zombies".

A murder mystery/adventure costarring Marcia Mae Jones and Jackie Moran who were paired in a number of Monogram youth films including "The Gang's All Here" (1941) which is available here at IA. Incidentally, there is no haunted house in "Haunted House." Directed by Robert McGowan Released in 1940 a.k.a. "The Blake Murder Mystery" (UK) CAST NOTE: Jackie Moran played Buddy Wade in the popular Universal Pictures serial "Buck Rogers."

The psychopathic grandson of Baron Frankenstein, calling himself Oliver Frank, has found an ideal position in sunny California as an assistant to chemist Carter Morton, and lives with him, his teenage daughter Trudy, and the gardener with whom he's secretly carrying on the family tradition. He's also been testing a drug on Trudy when he's not hitting on her, and otherwise behaving badly. Needing a brain (always the Frankenstein Achilles Heel), and when sexually spurned on a date with Trudy's friend Suzie, he seizes the moment and runs her down with his car.

This is the original widescreen theatrical print which is significantly sharper than the other versions here at IA. All of which have modified formats. Stars Don Sullivan, Fred Graham and Lisa Simone Directed by Ray Kellogg Released in 1959 Filmed in and around Cielo, Texas complete print

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