1950's Russian animation about a rabbit. Directed by L. Amalrik. Dubbed into English.

Charming 1950's Russian animated short about a boy's adventures during his journey to see his father at Christmas. Dubbed into English.

A charming movie and one of the first soundies with great Lillian Gish See details here: I've used as a source and did the following: - trimmed it of 1/2 hour of the dead air in the end thus making the original 3Gb file smaller - compressed it using DivX codec thus making it even more small - normalized the sound (which originally was too low for some reason) - created and added Russian subtitles a

Considered one of the most important films in the history of silent pictures, as well as possibly Eisenstein's greatest work, Battleship Potemkin brought Eisenstein's theories of cinema art to the world in a powerful showcase; his emphasis on montage, his stress of intellectual contact, and his treatment of the mass instead of the individual as the protagonist. The film tells the story of the mutiny on the Russian ship Prince Potemkin during the 1905 uprising.

Aerograd (Russian: Аероград, also referred to as Air City or Frontier), is a 1935 Soviet film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko, Mosfilm-VUFKU coproduction. It is a futuristic adventure story set in the Soviet Far East. Considered one of two sound masterpieces by Dovzhenko, the other being "Ivan".

"The Sword and the Dragon" (1960) is the Americanized version of the 
Russian film "Ilya Murometz" (1956) released by Valiant Pictures and 
presented by Joseph Harris and Sig Shore.
The Russian original, was directed by famed fantasy film maker and 
animator, Aleksandr Ptushko, and was derived from Russian folklore. It was 
reportedly the first Russian film made in Cinemascope and 4-channel stereo 
The Americanized version was released to television in a pan and scan, 

1959 US dubbed version of the classic 1957 animated Russian film Snezhnaya koroleva. This version features the very sentimental Christmas introduction by Art Linkletter. Features the voices of Sandra Dee, Louise Arthur, Tommy Kirk and Paul Frees. Based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Poruchik Kizhe - Пору́чик Киже́ ( Lieutenant Kijé) (1934) Aka: The Czar Wants to Sleep With close captioned subtitles (see NOTE) This is a delightful comedy about a fictional Lt Kizhe who came about because of a scribe's copying mistake. The officials were afraid to embarrass the Czar, so they created a fictional Kizhe who served as a convenient scapegoat. After being whipped, exiled, returned, married, and promoted Kizhe finally had to die when the Czar wanted to meet him.

1934 Russian film with music by Prokofiev, English subtitles added. [subtitles updated 6/20/08]

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