I would like to start expanding on certain topics to give my users a variety of shots to choose from when editing their projects. Many of you have sent me some really great stuff using the traffic time lapses, and I was trying to think of something that could be easily cut between those to better tell a story. To get this shot, I was able wedge my camera in-between the dashboard and the steering wheel. I have a flexible arm with a clamp that is actually holding the camera to the base of the steering column. This allowed me to drive safely while shooting.

Australian silent film from 1921 about the lives of the people in the horse racing world. DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY John K Wells WRITTEN BY John Cosgrove and John K Wells CAST Agnes Vernon - Bobbie Morton (as Brownie Vernon) Robert MacKinnon - Richard Morton Jr John Cosgrove - Dennis O'Hara John Faulkner - Richard Morton Sr Tal Ordell - Phillip Droone Evelyn Johnson - Myra Fane Raymond Lawrence - Jeffrey Manners Gerald Harcourt - Toby Makin Tommy Denman - Dingo Kennaquhair - Alert

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