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Randy is arrested for murders he didn't commit. Sally Rogers breaks him out and he discovers the real murderers hideout. Mystic Nights Videos

Arthur (Arthur Askey) and Stinker (Richard Murdoch) are living on the roof of a broacasting station and get evicted. They rent the haunted Droon Castle in Sussex. After finding television broadcast equipment they decide to put on a show. What they don't know is the equipment belongs to Nazi spies who are also using the castle. Mystic Nights Videos PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT Never registered in the U.S.

Mad scientist creates an experimental serum. Mystic Nights Videos

The private life of King Henry VIII and his many wives. PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT U.S. copyright not renewed Mystic Nights Videos

Jeff and Cash find a baby boy and fight over who will be the father. They are still fighting years when Bill is grown. Bill wants to end the feud and has an interest in Jeff's daughter. Mystic Nights Videos

Two U.S. undercover agents are in Mexico looking for drug smugglers. They meet each other but do not know the other is an agent. Mystic Nights Videos

Rod is searching for a missing miner and his daughter. His friend Wabi is helping him and they find a map to a mine. But LaRocque finds out and he wants the map by any means neccessary. Mystic Nights Videos

Reporter Joe Miller is sure that fisherman Eli Kirk is smuggling illegal Chinese immigrants into the country, but can't obtain enough evidence to satisfy his editor. Luck plays into his hands when he runs into Kirk's lovely daughter, Julie. But she's fiercely loyal to her dad, and he may have a hard time getting any information. Mystic Nights Videos

Rich boy Robert Miller (John Mills) meets and falls for poor girl Vera Hart (Grete Mosheim). He secretly buys her a Rolls Royce and then appoints himself as chauffeur hoping to find if she would be interested in him, not knowing he has money. PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT Mystic Nights Videos

Alice Kendall is part of the social elite, and her mother has spent a fortune giving her luxuries. When Alice marrries Fred Garlan her mother wishes him luck as he will need it. Alice wants a new sable coat but Fred can't afford it. When she shows up with a coat, suspicions start to fly. Mystic Nights Videos


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