Mystic Nights Videos

Sherlock Holmes rescues an inventor of an new bomb site before the Nazis can get him. The inventor agrees to help the allies but soon disappears and Holmes suspects Moriarty may be involved. Mystic Nights Videos

Survivors of post nuclear war struggle against mutants and radioactive fallout. Mystic Nights Videos

The story of Daniel Boone in 1775 Kentucky and the hardships that they faced. Mystic Nights Videos

Arthur (Arthur Askey) joins the army to prove himself to his girlfriend Susan (Evelyn Dall). His mates trick him into believing a sword that he found is Excalibur. Armed with the sword he heads out to take on the German army. PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT Mystic Nights Videos

Dr. Alec Smart (Will Hay) is a teacher in a prison. He applies for the headmaster of public school Narkover. PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT Mystic Nights Videos

A pioneer wagon train heads west from Missouri. When they are attacked by Indians Gary Cooper fights off the attack. Mystic Nights Videos

A scientist, a reporter and a repairman are accidentally transported to a prehistoric world in a parallel universe when they fall into the beam of the experiment during an earthquake aftershock. PD - Prisoners Of The Lost Universe (1983) Invalid Notice. Not Reg'd Within 5 Yrs. Mystic Nights Videos

Villagers are turning up dead and vampires are suspected. A man who is fond of bats is suspected and a angry mob gets rid of him. But the attacks don't stop. Mystic Nights Videos

Story of a young woman's obsessive love. Evelyn (Anne Baxter), an emotionally unstable woman, stays at the home of her doctor Dan Proctor (Scott McKay). She meets and falls in love with the doctors brother Douglas, but he is already happily married. Evelyn decides she will break up the marriage. Mystic Nights Videos This file has better video quality than the one I previously uploaded.

Female outlaw Jean Loring (Stephanie Bachelor) and her gang are killing wild game out of season. PD - No Copyright renewal


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