A lego story happened in a town named Yolk in which a skeleton attempted to take over.

Following the story of The Scourge Of Yolk Town I,the officer of Yolk Outpost noticed that the town had been completely silent.A team of scouts was then sent to check out the town.What would be perceived?

A movie I did a while ago with lego studios. Nothing Much.

Collection of animated short-shorts. MP4 versions are choppy from conversion, MPEG1 is original quality.'s third attempt at stop-motion.'s second attempt at stop-motion

A film, where, I, kill Tubby0Legos. With Tetris.

A Idiotless Classic! All in its Lego studios, crappy quality GLORY!

Get that football feeling! A simple short, inspired by Die Helden Von Bern and in honour of my footballfriends from BEFC.

This film is about a team with a goal of destroying the dark lord, Lord Darkness, from destruction of earth. (What a steriotypical space movie)


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