Hello and welcome back to a cold and snowy Shocker Internet Drive In. We realize that most drive in are closed this time of year, but we are happy to present two psycho slashers to get your blood flowing and hearts pumping.

Hellooooo and welcome back to everyone's favorite shocking internet drive-in! Well with summer in full swing (at least here in that wonderland of confusion - the good ol' USA), we thought it might be appropriate to chill things out a bit with some snow and surf. And what better way to chill things out than with two more classics brought to us by that film entrepreneur, W. Lee Wilder! First up, after some "serial" fun and a jiving cartoon, Billy's older brother brings us 1954's "The Snow Creature" about - you guessed it - an abominable snowman or Yeti.

Well, with summer cooling down, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the kids going back to school with every parents' nightmare - Teenagers! And what better way than to present some vintage "Teen Terrors" from the 1950's. First up, after the usual coming attractions and invites to the Snack Bar, we are pleased to bring you a wonderful short subject warning our youth about alcohol. Then, our first feature is "Teenagers From Outer Space" featuring a "bad" kid and a giant Lobster! Finally, after a brief intermission, we proudly bring you the low-budget wonder "Teenage Zombies".

An unknown and unstopable vampire terrorizes a middle-European village. The featured players are Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas and Dwight Frye. Directed by Frank R. Strayer. Released in 1933

The Life...The Loves...The Crimes of Jack the Ripper!. Audio: English, Subtitles: Spanish

Just in time for Halloween and those cold, creepy nights at the Ol' Shocker Internet Drive In, we are very happy to bring you another Bela Lugosi triple feature in glorious black and white! After some Bela coming attractions, we are pleased to bring you "Black Dragons" with Lugosi playing Dr. Melcher, a Nazi(?) terminating Japanese spies (confused - so are we). Then, our second feature is a bit more traditional as Bela portrays the "Voodoo Man".

Hello and welcome back to your favorite Internet Drive In.... and, just in time for Thanksgiving, we invite you to feast at our snack bar while you watch our special "Sci-Fi Turkey" double feature. After the usual coming attractions and a "Southern Fried" Bugs Bunny cartoon, we present the 1982 low budget wonder from the State of Maryland - "The Galaxy Invader". Then, after a bit of an intermission with just enough time to satisfy your Thanksgiving hunger at our snack bar, we conclude our festivities with 1983's "Prisoner of the Lost Universe".

Als der erste mit einem zweiköpfigen Monster in der Titelrolle genießt dieser Film einen gewissen Kultstatus unter den Science-Fiction- und Horrorfans, die besonders gern an die Szene mit dem dritten Auge erinnern – und die Huldigung in Sam Raimis „Armee der Finsternis“ (1992). Obwohl eine amerikanisch-japanische Koproduktion, waren es Briten, die Regie führten, das Drehbuch lieferten und die beiden Hauptrollen belegten – samt amerikanischem Akzent.

Hello and welcome back to your favorite scientifically advanced Shocker Internet Drive In! With Spring about to spring, we thought we would things up with some Italian science fiction guaranteed to make you yearn for the good old days of "Star Wars" (or even "Starcrash"). After some wonderful coming attractions and a Road Runner cartoon, we gladly bring you "Cosmos: War of the Planets", an epic of confusion with something to do with an alien threat to Earth.

Susan Cabot stars as Janice Starlin, the owner a large cosmetics company. Worried about her failing looks, Janice allows herself to be injected with an experimental serum, that may turn back her biological clock. The serum works, but has some nasty side effects. You can find out more about The Wasp Woman at A Passion For Horror.


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