Edgar Allen Poe

1949 directed by Robert Stevens. Adaptation for television of Edgar Allen Poe's A Cask of Amontillado, set in post World-War Two Italy and starring Romney Brent as Montressor and Bela Lugosi as the doomed Fortunato.

Poor Fortunato...he should have used Auto-Light.

The Avenging Conscience was directed by D.W. Griffith in 1914. It is 50 minutes long, a step in Griffith's progressive move into feature films. His next film was to me his controversial masterpiece, Birth of a Nation. This film is based on writings of Edgar Allen Poe, it is Victorian and sentimental but it is also quite visual. Rather than be a spoiler I will let the story tell itself. I have added music and sound effects, and I may have gone a bit overboard myself as you will see if you watch it.

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