No Time For Sergeants chronicles the comedic misadventures of a country bumpkin named Will Stockdale, brilliantly protrayed by Andy Griffith, who is drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II and assigned to the United States Army Air Forces. Andy Griffith went on to play the same character in the Broadway version and in a movie of the same name, which he became famous for and made him a star. No Time For Sergeants The U.S. Steel Hour March 15th, 1955 Starring: Will Stockdale......Andy Griffith Sgt.

In 1916 the Biograph film company signed black comedian Bert Williams to write, produce, direct and star in two comedies. Williams created "A Natural Born Gambler" and "Fish." While hardly a breakthrough in shattering racial stereotypes (Williams was required by the studio to wear "darkie" makeup), a black production with a black cast was unprecedented. The response was tepid and Williams did not appear in any movies after Fish. Gambler borrows from Williams' Vaudeville skits.

Attack of the Flesh-Eating Subterranean Bog-Monster from the Center of the Earth and Beyond the Moon: Apocalyptic Revenge! is a spoof of old 1950's sci-fi/horror films. It tells the story of an accident in the lab of "The Professor" when his cat is transformed into an evil bog-monster that is eating the people of the town. Can the professor defeat him.....with science?

Pathe comedy, written and directed by Max Linder. Cast: Max Linder, Joe Dawson and Paulette Lorsy Premiered in Vienna on May 3, 1912, released in France on July 5, 1912 "Joe[,] is represented as being engaged to a pretty girl, who is accustomed to take a ride on her donkey every day. Max writes to the girl for an appointment. Joe decides to teach Max a lesson, and one morning plays the part of the donkey. His fiancée rides on his back when she goes to meet Max. The donkey constantly edges his head in, and pushes Max off the park seat.

made over 2 weeks, scripted, directed, shooting and mostly edited by me. An adaptation of Chaucer's Franklins Tale from his Canterbury Tales. Done to the style of a silent film. an incomplete work. the editing of this is not my own, it was reworked without my concent by a third party and the orginal no longer exists.

edgar kennedy goes on a buisness trip

An old proprietor is startled by the sudden appearance of a skull. Just as he draws back from the uncanny object, the doors of a medieval wardrobe fly back and a hand prods him with a sword. He turns to confront his assailant when it vanishes, and at the same instant the skull flies to the other end of the room. He clutches at the skull, when it turns into the half form of a girl from the waist up, suspended in mid-air.

spanish version of "blotto" laural and hardy go to a night club with a bottle of liquor that stan swiped from his wife. stans wife is wised up to stans scheme, so she empties the liquor and replaces it with hot sauses and cold tea. at the night club stan and oliver proceed to get wasted and watch the entertainment- a female impersonater and 2 hootchie coochie dancers.this version contains about 15 minutes of footage not in the american version

Snacky the gnome yearns for a peaceful, stable life. Unfortunately, his best friend, Angie the elf, always talks him into trouble. In episode one, Angie dares Snacky to go murloc tipping, and brings home a surprising new pet. Winner, 2nd place in the 'Azeroth Exposed' contest on YouTube. Also screened at DragonCon in September, 2007.

Something a little different-–a live-action comedy sketch created with Nicole Stamp, starring Hayley Hudson, Ben Hudson, and Danielle Ayow.


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