edgar kennedy uses mind control to get rid of his in laws

Pathe comedy by Andre Heuze. Cast: Max Linder, Jacques Vandenne Max's funny efforts during a dance while endeavoring to hide a rip in his trousers. Note: In late 1910 Max did a remake of this film under the title "Shame on Max" (Max manque un riche mariage).

edgar kennedy's famil goes on vacation. edgar rents his apt. in order to pay a bookie the money he ows...but edgars famil returns unexpectedly

edgar kennedy decided it would be cheaper to buy and install a new hot water heater than to call a plumber

The picture opens with the interior of a cell in an insane asylum. The inmate, who imagines himself to be Napoleon the Great, is seated at a table dressed in the costume of that world renowned general. A keeper enters with a bowl of soup. "Napoleon" tastes the soup and then dashes the contents of the bowl into the keeper's face. A fierce fight follows with "Napoleon" getting the better of it until two more keepers rush in and the three beat him unmercifully and leave him insensible on the floor.

This is a 9,5 mm film from Pathé with the title: "Charley Chase - Just a real good car." A Hal Roach Comedy, 1924 Digitized, restaurated, stabilized and edited by and specialized in transferring 8mm, 9,5mm and 16mm to whatever you want.

edgar kennedy and family go to a western ghost town

Pathe comedy by Camille de Morlhon with Max Linder and Arlette d'Umes. Released in the US on March 28, 1910 - UK title: A Tantalising Young Lady "Mr. Max Linder [is] an ardent suitor for the hand of a somewhat rampageous young lady. The gentle Max suffers sadly from her rough treatment, but at length he extracts the promise that she will marry him when he has learned to juggle with three balls. With his usual delightfully unquenchable enthusiasm, the impetuous youth rushes home and soon wrecks his apartment with amateur legerdemain, but with no satisfactory results.

See the IMDb page Stan Laurel before teaming with Oliver Hardy Stars: Stan Laurel, Katherine Grant and Eddie Baker

Max Linder in his first Los Angeles made comedy "Max in a Taxi" (L.A. Times-Ad., Apr.29, 1917). Cast: Max Linder, Marthe Mansfield, Mathilde Comont Production company: Essanay; Released: April 23, 1917 We see Max, who has wasted his substance, turned out of house and home. His dress suit proves to be an armor against hunger. Like a true knight, he finds a dragon. It's the butler at the door of a fashionable house where there is a party, but he wins his way in to the princess, and, what is better, a table set with cake.


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