I ran across this "video quality upgrade" of "College" starring Buster Keaton on that says "However there is no audio track. So feel free to add a PD musical background." so I added four piano sonatas by Mozart that I found on the internet - numbers 7, 8, 12, and 17.

Thomas Edison's "Maniac Chase" with laugh-track

edgars expensive has been swallowed by his neighbors chicken

Boxers Max Baer and Buddy Baer in «Africa Screams». Directed by Charles Barton. 1949.

A burglar escapes from the apartment he's robbing by sliding down the clothesline, but in the end he's caught by the family dog. Director, Edwin S. Porter

"The Fireman" (1916) is a silent comedy featuring the hysterical Charlie Chaplin as a firefighter.

"Accidental" 3D film of Max Linder's trademark sketch 'Max pedicure'. The only sketch, that he filmed twice in 1908 (Unwilling chiropodist/Pedicure par amour) and 1913 (Max as a chiropodist/Max pedicure) and also turned into a stage play (Pedicure par amour) in which he performed throughout Europe in 1912 and 1913/14.

Pathe comedy with Max Linder UK title: "By the doctor's orders", released Nov. 16, 1910. "The amusing results of Max's endeavors to secure a bath in his newly purchased tub, placed by necessity, in the hallway of the hotel." Note: The date given in the title is wrong.

Two short films featuring the rare home movies of the legendary comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy.

Snub and his girlfriend are going on vacation. They rent a car and go for a ride. The take a lot of things with them and get a lot of trouble during the trip. This is a Pathex 9,5mm, converted by Cinepro Filmscanning.


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