Classic TV

The Big Casing from the 1950's series Dragnet

1954 Episode of the rare Classic TV show "Sense and Nonsense", a low-budget kids game show produced by WABD, the New York City owned-and-operated station of the DuMont Television Netwrk. This episode features original commercials for Coca-Cola "in the bottle". In this game show, contestants had to identify objects while blind-folded. This appears to be the only surviving episode.

Peter Lorre plays a recently released criminal mastermind who has hatched a plot to get even with the criminologist who sent him to prison. Aired: January 14, 1961

Episode of the 50's game show "Beat The Clock".

Forgotten singer Snooky Lanson singing "Mr Sandman" on the Public Domain TV series Your Hit Parade.

The Lucy Show ep Lucy The Babysitter

Episode of the popular 50's TV series "You Bet Your Life" starring Groucho Marx. Complete with DeSoto commercials.

Ep 11 Teetering Rock from the 1961 series Diver Dan

Ep 27 Ghost Is Clear from the 1961 series Diver Dan

Ep 07 Shell-O-Phone from the 1961 series Diver Dan


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