Bob Steele

When Sundown (Bob Steele) wins a horse race he is paid with a deed to a ranch. Arriving at the ranch he finds the Prestons (Marie Burton/Jack Rockwell) already living there. They bought it from the fake land agent Taggart (Ed Cassidy) who then frames Sundown for murder.

For revenge the outlaw Morgan (Ed Brady) steals the Carruthers young son. Seventeen years later Carruthers (Hank Bell) arrives in the valley where Morgan, his gang, and the now grown Bob (Bob Steele) hide.

When the Nevada Kid (Bob Steele) gets caught in a stage robbery, the gang leader Cherokee (George Hayes) gets him released by forging a petition to the Governor. The Kid tries to go straight but the stage he is guarding gets robbed. When the Sheriff (Glen Cavender) jails Cherokee who was not in on the robbery, the Kid gets caught effecting Cherokee's escape and finds himself in jail again.

Ranger Dan Larsen (Bob Steele), after Wally Smeed (Ernie Adams) goes unconvicted of killing the father of Molly Pearson (Eleanor Stewart), resigning from the Rangers in order to work undercover to track down the leaders of the outlaw band that runs the town.

In an effort to get Jim Martin (Frank LaRue) to sell his ranch, the Halsey brothers have kidnapped his son Tom (Dave O'Brien). When Bob Burke (Bob Steele) goes after him alone, he gets help from the gang known as the Riders of the Sage.

Bob Marlow (Bob Steele) is sent undercover to an Arizona town where an outlaw gang, comprised of the six Tolliver brothers, have taken over the town and terrorizing the citizens. He comes to town, posing as an Eastern dude, and, through a series of incidents manages to get rid of three of the brothers, mostly through their own ineptness. The remaining brothers decide to get-while-the-gettin'-is good, rob the bank and head for the Mexican border.

Money is mysteriously disappearing from a locked trunk atop the stage even though the trunk arrives still locked. When pals Bob Rivers (Bob Steele) and Grizzly (George 'Gabby' Hayes) get the jop driving the stage, the same thing happens.

Summoned by Ed Oliver (Charles K. French), Jim Hale (Bob Steele) and sidekick Fuzz (Buck Connors) arrive at Oliver's ranch to find a range war in progress. Unknown to Jim, Ed Brady (Steve Clark) has kidnapped Oliver and replaced him with a stooge. Brady is after the Green ranch and Jim and Fuzz now set out to help Helen Green (Roberta Gale).

Billy (Bob Steele) and his sidekick Fuzzy (Al St. John) trying to unravel the mystery of a friend's missing uncle and bring to justice the criminals behind the disappearance whom they suspect are also behind a related land swindle.

Arriving in a lawless Texas town, Billy (Bob Steele) finds his old friend Fuzzy (Al St. John). When Billy stands up to Flash (John Merton) and his gang, he is made Sheriff. He and Fuzzy then set out to retrieve the money stolen by Flash and clear his brother Gil Cooper (Carleton Young) who is part of the gang.


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