This is the same film found elsewhere on the Archive. I have added a genewric music track for easier viewing.

Enoch receives a premonition of disaster, so he sets out to collect as many books as he can find, to preserve the knowledge of the world. But, lacking reliable divine guidance, all his careful preparations come down to a straight-ahead, all-or-nothing gamble…

A cycle of six short films, created between the beginning of the Afghan War and the beginning of the Iraq War.

A Max Fleischer cartoon circa 1936. It was one of the Fleischer color classics series.

1950's Russian animation about a rabbit. Directed by L. Amalrik. Dubbed into English.

This one is a 1946 classic cartoon from one of my encrypted boxes.

Derivative Korean animated film, possibly edited from multiple sources. Low quality entertainment.

Short animation film that won several awards on short film festvals

Blender 2.5, animation, sound, tutorial, lip sync, characters, dialogue, TOBOR, robot

Gabby helps to clean Lilliput's castle. Gabby is the know-it-all town crier of Lilliput from the movie Gulliver's Travles (1939).


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