This print's video quality isn't great. However it is a significant improvement over the other IA copy. An early talkie adventure/melodrama in which a "white" woman it threatened by a lustful "oriental" potentate. Good production values including FX is the most that can be said for this dated film thematically related to lurid pulp novels of the '20s and '30s. Directed by George Melford. Released in 1931. Complete print (minus a few missing frames)

A north woods adventure loosely based on Jack London's story, "That Spot." It nominally stars Grace Bradley and Michael Whalen, but it's Mantan Moreland, Louise Beavers and Smoky the Dog who steal the show. Directed by Howard Bretherton Released in 1941 Complete print (there are a few missing frames) Free movie links for Mantan junkies:

A surreal fantasy adventure adapted from Pierre Benot's novel, "L'Atlantide," which has a superficial resemblance to H Rider Haggard's "She." Directed by George Wilhelm Pabst UK release 1932 US release 1939 a.k.a. "The Lost Atlantis" (US) and "L'Atlantide" (FR) 5 minutes are missing. PRODUCTION NOTE: The English dialog for this version was written by Miles Mander, who became a noted character actor in British and American films. He is here at IA in "Shadows on the Stairs."

This is an ordinary second-feature adventure made special by Mantan Moreland's role as a courageous sergeant of black paratroops. But don't worry. He still manages to have some fun along the way. A must for fellow Moreland fans. Directed by George Waggner. Released in 1940. Complete print. Free movie links for Mantan junkies:

A farfetched, south seas island, mad scientist adventure. The main attractions are three pretty girls, Venetia Stevenson, Dianne Jergens and June Blair. The mad scientist is Alan Napier, who some will fondly remember as Batman's butler, Alfred, in the '60s TV series. Directed by Frank W Tuttle. Released in 1959. Some missing frames Original release ran 71 minutes. CAST NOTE: Venetia Stevenson is best known for playing the ill-fated Nan Barlow in "Horror Hotel" (a.k.a. "City of the Dead") which is available here at IA.

An adventure serial in 12 chapters that is a mind-boggling mix of new sound footage with footage from the silent serial "The Jungle Goddess." All 12 chapters are strung together in one file, which might make this the longest unintentionally hilarious movie in history. Good luck in getting through all 3 hours and 17 minutes with your reason intact! Directed by Robert F Hill. Released in 1935 (and 1922). runtime 197 minutes. complete print. NOTE: Another mix of sound and silent footage with side-splitting results is "The White Gorilla," which is available here at IA.

The women are still wild. The acting is still awful. The plot is still ridiculous. But now you can see it all more clearly and with a much smaller download file. Directed by James L Wolcott. Released in 1958. Filmed in Coral Gables and Silver Springs, FL. Complete print

This version has better image quality than the copy that's already at IA which was a tape transfer, probably VHS. However this new upload comes from the same original source which has slightly muffled audio and some sprocket noise in a few scenes This is a seriocomic romantic adventure involving spies and a European refugee who is being deported from the US on the eve of World War 2. Stars Anna Sten and Alan Marshal, with Jerome Cowan and Harry Davenport in support. One of the final appearances of diminutive Etienne Girardot (inn caretaker) who died in the year of this film's release.

This restored and reconstructed version is 8 minutes longer than the other IA copies. The glitch-free print is significently sharper. The landmark fantasy adventure adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's popular novel. Stopmotion animation by Willis O'Brien of "King Kong" fame. Directed by Harry O Hoyt. Released in 1925. Runtime 76 minutes.

A low budget jungle adventure filmed on location in Guatemala. Contains brief topless nudity. Directed by Fernando Wagner. Released in 1959. a.k.a. "Fury of the Jungle" (censored version). Complete print


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