Henry Hunter stars as park ranger Dick Sherwood, who gets mixed up in a series of murders. The killings are tied in with $90,000 in stolen money, which the four villains had hidden in a Yellowstone cave 17 years earlier. Upon their release from prison, each of the criminals makes a dash for the dough; only three survive.

Yellowstone (1936 in film) is a 63-minute American film set in Yellowstone National Park, directed by Arthur Lubin and released by Universal Studios.
The film, starring Judith Barrett, Henry Hunter (actor), Ralph Morgan, Alan Hale, Sr., Raymond Hatton, and Andy Devine, combines murder mystery, romance, and natural setting. The famous historic building Old Faithful Inn is featured in the film.


An ex-con is murdered in Yellowstone National Park while a bank robber's son is searching for the loot his father hid there 20 years before.


  • Henry Hunter (actor) as Dick Sherwood
  • Judith Barrett as Ruth Foster
  • Andy Devine as Pay-Day
  • Alan Hale, Sr. as Hardigan
  • Ralph Morgan as James Foster
  • Monroe Owsley as Marty Ryan
  • Rollo Lloyd as Franklin Ross
  • Raymond Hatton as Old Pete
  • Paul Harvey (actor) as Radell
  • Paul Fix as Dynamite
  • Michael Loring as Merritt Billing


  • Unknown singer and the Universal Recording Orchestra - "From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water" (Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman, lyrics by Nelle Richmond Eberhart)
  • Michael Loring - "Joggin' Along" (Music by Irving Actman, lyrics by Frank Loesser)

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