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X Marks The Spot - 1931

A newspaper reporter, with a desparate need for $5,000, borrows the money from a "shady character." Years later the reporter is charged with a murder he did not commit. Spoiler alert, the truth comes out in the end, the bad guy gets what's coming to him, and the good guy has a bright future. There's a little drama along the way, but there's no treasure map. I found this on this website; with most of the opening credits missing, and too much hiss and crackle in the audio. I used a shot of the 1931 movie poster to make a title card, and cleaned up the audio. I might have removed a few damaged frames, too. The sound is in synch and it's a pretty easy watch.

X Marks the Spot is a 1942 American war film directed by George Sherman. It is a remake of the 1931 film X Marks the Spot (1931 film).

Plot summary

Differences from novel


  • Damian O'Flynn as Eddie Delaney
  • Helen Parrish as Linda Ward
  • Dick Purcell as Lieutenant William 'Bill' Decker
  • Jack La Rue as Marty Clark
  • Neil Hamilton (actor) as John J. Underwood
  • Robert Homans as Police Sergeant Timothy J. Delaney
  • Anne Jeffreys as Lulu
  • Dick Wessel as Henchman Dizzy
  • Esther Muir as Bonnie Bascomb
  • Joe Kirk as Henchman Jerry
  • Edna Mae Harris as Billie (as Edna Harris)
  • Fred Kelsey as Police Officer Martin
  • Vince Barnett as George
Sam Bernard, Edmund Cobb, Martin Faust (actor), Jack Gardner (actor), Sam Lufkin, Charles McAvoy and Frank O'Connor (actor born 1881) appears uncredited.


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