Woman In Brown


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The Vicious Circle is a 1948 American drama film directed by W. Lee Wilder and based on the play The Burning Bush by Heinz Herald and Geza Herczeg.
The film is also known as Woman in Brown.

Plot summary

A rich Hungarian baron discovers that there are large oil deposits underneath properties owned by the villagers. He buys up all the property except those owned by Jewish families, who use to sell. In order to circumvent their usal, he has the men charged with the murder of a woman, who had recently committed suicide.

Differences from play


  • Conrad Nagel
  • Fritz Kortner
  • Reinhold Schünzel
  • Philip Van Zandt
  • Lyle Talbot
  • Edwin Maxwell
  • Frank Ferguson
  • Lester Dorr
  • Michael Mark (actor)
  • Belle Mitchell
  • Nan Boardman
  • Shirley Kneeland
  • Rita Gould
  • Eddie LeRoy
  • David Alexander
  • Ben Welden
  • Nina Hansen
  • Mary Lou Harrington
  • Peggy Wynne
  • Robert Cherry (actor)
  • Sam Bernard
  • Rudolph Cameron
  • Peter Brocco
  • Christina Vale
  • Don C. Harvey
  • Fred Fox
  • Manfred Fuerst
  • Ruben Wendorf
  • Herman Waldman
  • Paul Baratoff


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