Where's That Fire (1940)

A bumbling fire crew is told to put out a fire successfully or they will be canned. Matters get complicated when their fire engine is stolen by crooks. PD In UK At GATT Date. Not Eligible For GATT Never registered in the U.S.

Where's That Fire? is a 1940 United Kingdom comedy film, produced by Twentieth Century Fox, directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt. It was the last film Will Hay made with his stuntmen Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt and the humour of Hay's films after he dropped work with them changed.


Will Hay plays the incompetent Fire Captain Viking who fails to find a large fire, gets lost in the process and ends up on a newspaper headline as 'The engine that never made it'.
Then after failing to appear before the town hall burns down, Fire Captain Viking is told to put out a fire successfully or else he and his men face the sack.
Not only do they fail in this objective, but their fire engine is stolen by criminals intent on stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London.
The location of the fire station (external shots only) is the former Angel and Crown pub overlooking the village pond, Mill Hill, London NW7.
A lost film for many years, it was rediscovered by the BBC in 1975. It has never officially been released on VHS or DVD, although it is now in the public domain and is available on numerous compilations.


  • Will Hay - Captain Viking
  • Moore Marriott - Jeremiah Harbottle
  • Graham Moffatt - Albert
  • Peter Gawthorne - Fire Chief
  • Eric Clavering - Hank Sullivan
  • Hugh McDermott (actor) - Jim Baker
  • Charles Hawtrey (actor born 1914) - Woodley
  • Dave O'Toole - Postman

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