Two Gun from Harlem


Taken from IMDBA cowboy is wrongfully accused of murder. He winds up in Harlem, where he assumes the identity of a preacher-turned-gangster who looks like him. He infiltrates the gang to catch the men who framed him.

Two-Gun Man from Harlem is a 1938 American low-budget western directed by Richard C. Kahn. It was produced by Merit Pictures, distributed by Sack Amusements and featured an all-African-American cast.


  • Herb Jeffries as Bob Blake/The Deacon
  • Marguerite Whitten as Sally Thompson
  • Clarence Brooks as John Barker
  • Mantan Moreland as Bill Blake
  • Tom Southern as John Steel
  • Mae Turner as Mrs. Ruth Steel
  • Spencer Williams as Butch Carter
  • Jess Lee Brooks as Sheriff
  • Matthew 'Stymie' Beard as Jimmy Thompson
  • Rosalie Lincoln as Dolores
  • Paul Blackman as Paul Blackman
  • Faithful Mary as Mary
  • The Four Tones as the Singing Group
  • Cats and the Fiddle as the Specialty Act


  • Herb Jeffries and The Four Tones - "I'm a Happy Cowboy"
  • The score - "Die Walk├╝re" (Written by Richard Wagner)

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Richard C. Kahn

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