Trauma (1962)

As a teenager, Emmaline witnesses the murder of her aunt, who was drowned in her swimming pool. The shock of this causes amnesia. She returns to the estate at the age of 21, at her doctor's suggestion, to face her fear. Was it such a good idea after all?

Trauma is a 1962 American film directed by Robert M. Young (screenwriter).

Plot summary


  • John Conte as Warren Clyner
  • Lynn Bari as Helen Garrison
  • Lorrie Richards as Emmaline Garrison
  • David Garner as Craig Schoonover
  • Warren J. Kemmerling as Luther
  • William Bissell as Thaddeus Hall
  • Bond Blackman as Robert
  • William Justine as Treasury Agent
  • Ray Lennert as Treasury Agent
  • Renee Mason as Carla
  • Robert Totten as Gas Station Attendant
  • Alfred Chafe as Police Officer
  • Ruby Borner as Maid


  • "Emmaline's Theme" (Written by Buddy Collette and Minette Allton)

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