Torture Ship


A well known doctor is indicted for his experiments toward curing the criminal mind. Needing to continue his work and hoping that success will clear him, he buys a boat, loads it with several high profile criminals hoping to escape the law and heads out to sea. At least that's the plan, but things start to go wrong and things are revealed to be not what they seemed at first.

Torture Ship is a 1939 American film directed by Victor Halperin.

Plot summary

A mad scientist performs experiments on "the criminal mind" on captured criminals on board his private ship.


  • Lyle Talbot as Lt. Bob Bennett
  • Irving Pichel as Dr. Herbert Stander
  • Julie Bishop (actress) as Joan Martel
  • Sheila Bromley as Poison Mary Slavish
  • Anthony Averill as Dirk - Stander's Aide
  • Russell Hopton as Harry "The Carver" Bogard
  • Julian Madison as Paul - Stander's Aide
  • Eddie Holden as Ole Olson
  • Wheeler Oakman as John Ritter
  • Stanley Blystone as Captain Mike Briggs
  • Leander De Cordova as Ezra Matthews
  • Demetrius Alexis as Steve Murano
  • Skelton Knaggs as Jesse Bixel

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