Thunder in the City


In this satire of British-American relations, Edward G. Robinson stars as Dan Armstrong, a hard-sell American salesman whose company sends him to England to learn how to tone down his act. There he meets some distant relatives, the aristocrats Sir Peter and Lady Challoner (Arthur Wontner and Annie Esmond). They invite him to their mansion for the weekend, where among the house guests are the penniless aristocrats the Duke and Duchess of Glenavon (Nigel Bruce and Constance Collier ) and their daughter Lady Patricia (Luli Deste), as well as a conniving stockbroker, Henry Graham Manningdale (Ralph Richardson). The Duke and Duchess own only an apparently worthless mine in Rhodesia that supposedly contains a metal called magnelite. Manningdale says that he will develop the mine in exchange for permission to marry Lady Patricia. Armstrong also has designs on Patricia, however, and he engineers a scheme to start a company and sell stock in the mine.

Thunder in the City is a 1937 Cinema of the United Kingdom drama film directed by Marion Gering and starring Edward G. Robinson, Luli Deste, Nigel Bruce and Ralph Richardson.

Plot summary

An American salesman with radically successful methods visits England ostensibly to learn a more dignified manner of salesmanship. He is mistaken for a millionaire by a cash-poor family of noble ancestry with a stately home to sell which he can't afford to buy. But by working with them instead he finds romance and equal success in business with his old marketing techniques.


  • Edward G. Robinson as Daniel "Dan" Armstrong
  • Luli Deste as Lady Patricia "Pat" Graham
  • Nigel Bruce as Duke Of Glenavon
  • Constance Collier as Duchess Of Glenavon
  • Ralph Richardson as Henry V. Manningdale
  • Arthur Wontner as Sir Peter "Pete" Challoner
  • Nancy Burne as Edna, the Singer
  • Annie Esmond as Lady Challoner
  • Cyril Raymond as James
  • Elizabeth Inglis as Dolly
  • James Carew as Mr. Snyderling
  • Everley Gregg as Millie, Dan's Secretary in New York
  • Donald Calthrop as Dr. Plumet, the Chemist
  • Billy Bray (actor) as Bill, the Pianist


  • "Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 in D" (Music by Edward Elgar, words ("Land of Hope and Glory") by Arthur C. Benson)
  • Billy Bray and Nancy Burne - "She Was Poor But She Was Honest"
  • "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (Traditional)
  • Billy Bray and Nancy Burne - "Magnelite"
  • Stockholders - "Magnelite"
  • Stockholders - "Auld Lang Syne" (Scottish traditional music, lyrics by Robert Burns)

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