Three Guys Named Mike (1951)

A stewardess becomes romantically involved with an airline pilot, a college professor, and a successful businessman, all of whom are named Mike. When the three find out about each other, she has to decide which one she loves the most. Mystic Nights Videos

Three Guys Named Mike is a 1951 American black-and-white film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by Charles Walters.
Described as a "lighthearted and lightweight story" by Turner Classic Movies, Three Guys Named Mike chronicles the story of a flight attendant (known in the 1950s as an "airline hostess" or a "stewardess") and three men. and $523,000 elsewhere, resulting in a profit to MGM of $577,000.< name="Mannix"/>
Bosley Crowther of The New York Times criticized the film, stating that "for services rendered in the advertising line, that company should award her a gold star (its advertising is all over the film), but if she's still hostessing, it should keep an eye on her. We suspect she spends too much time reading those leather-bound slick magazines rather than attending to the business of serving her real-life passengers" in relation to the glamorized portrayal of airline travel. Turner Classic Movies stated that many "more plebian" critics gave a positive reception to the film while "highbrow critics" such as Crowther gave a negative reception. Turner Classic Movies stated that the film "remains a quaintly entertaining time capsule of an era when "stewardesses" became "kiwis" (i.e., non-flying birds) when they got married."< name="TCMProfile"/>

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