Things Happen at Night


A young girl finds herself possessed by the spirit of a mischievous demon.

Things Happen at Night is a 1947 Cinema of the United Kingdom supernatuarl ghost comedy film directed by Francis Searle and starring Gordon Harker, Alfred Drayton, Robertson Hare and Gwynneth Vaughan. The film is based upon a stage play, The Poltergeist, by Frank Harvey Jnr.

Plot summary

An English country house is plagued by a poltergeist who destroys things in the home, rearranges pictures on the wall, and Spirit possession the daughter of the owner causing her to be expelled from school. A psychic ghost breaker and an insurance agent help the homeowners battle and expel the spirit.

Differences from play


  • Gordon Harker as Joe Harris
  • Alfred Drayton as Wilfred Prescott
  • Robertson Hare as Vincent Ebury
  • Gwynneth Vaughan as Audrey Prescott
  • Olga Lindo as Hilda Prescott
  • Garry Marsh as Spenser
  • Wylie Watson as Watson, the butler
  • Joan Young as Mrs. Venning, the cook
  • Beatrice Campbell as Joyce Prescott
  • Grace Denbigh Russell as Miss Hancock
  • Judith Warden as Mrs. Fortescue
  • June Elvin as Mabel Minter
  • Knox Crichton as Nobby Ebury
  • Eric Micklewood
  • Charles Doe (actor) as Bill
  • Ernest Borrow
  • Michael Callin as Mac
  • George Bryden as Freddie Simpson
  • Esma Lewis
  • Lilian Stanley
  • Peter Reynolds (actor)
  • Patricia Owens (actress)
  • Marilyn Williams as Singer

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