They Meet Again


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They Meet Again is a 1941 American film directed by Erle C. Kenton, one of the six films in the Dr. Christian series.


  • Jean Hersholt as Dr. Paul Christian
  • Dorothy Lovett as Judy Price
  • Robert Baldwin (actor) as Roy Davis
  • Maude Eburne as Mrs. Hastings
  • Neil Hamilton (actor) as Governor John C. North
  • Anne Bennett as Janie Webster
  • Barton Yarborough as Bob Webster
  • Arthur Hoyt as Redmond, Governor's Secretary
  • John Dilson as William Merrill Sr.
  • Frank Melton (actor) as Wiliiam Merrill Jr.
  • Leon Tyler as Dick
  • Milton Kibbee as Defense Attorney Larkin
  • Gus Glassmire as Judge Ed Ellis
  • Patsy Parsons as Susie
  • Meredith Howard as Gertrude


  • Anne Bennett - "When Love Is New" (Lyrics by Jack Owens (singer-songwriter), music by Claude Sweeten)
  • Anne Bennett - "In the Make Believe Land of Dreams" (Written by Jack Owens)
  • Patsy Parsons - "Get Alive" (Written by Jack Owens)
  • Leon Tyler - "The Rhythm Is Red an' White an' Blue" (Lyrics by David Gregory, music by Al Moss)
  • Anne Bennett - "Au Forse E Lut" (aria from La Traviata) (Written by Giuseppe Verdi)

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