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Another military themed movie, made during the 2nd World War, so it's a little on the "gung ho" side. This is a little different from the other copy that is available, here. The opening title music has been restored and the hiss, pop, crackle has been cleaned from the audio. There are a lot of familiar faces, including Robert Lowery, who would later play Bruce Wayne/Batman in the "Batman and Robin" serial (1949).

The Navy Way is a 1944 American film directed by William Berke concentrating on US Navy recruit training with many sequences filmed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.


  • Robert Lowery (actor) as Johnny Zumano aka Johnny Jersey
  • Jean Parker as Ellen Sayre
  • William Henry (actor) as Malcolm Randall
  • Roscoe Karns as Frankie Gimble
  • Sharon Douglas as Trudy
  • Robert Armstrong (actor) as CPO Harper
  • Tom Keene (actor) as Steve Appleby
  • Larry Nunn as Billy Jamison
  • Mary Treen as Agnes
  • Wallace Pindell as Sailor Joslin
  • John 'Skins' Miller as Recruit Pop Lacy
  • Joseph Crehan as Chaplain Benson
  • Commander Hjalmar F. Hanson as Great Lakes Naval Station Choir Director
  • Art Lasky as Fighter
  • John J. 'Red' Madigan as Sailor


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