The Treasure of Jamaica Reef


AKA: Evil in the Deep A suspense filled adventure-drama about the search for a treasure-laden Spanish Galleon that sank over 200 years ago.

The Treasure of Jamaica Reef is a 1975 American film directed by Virginia L. Stone.
The film is also known as Evil in the Deep (American reissue title).

Plot summary

Differences from novel


  • Stephen Boyd as Hugo Graham
  • David Ladd as Joshua Owens
  • Chuck Woolery as Victor Spivak
  • Roosevelt Grier as Asper
  • Darby Hinton as Darby
  • Cheryl Ladd as Zappy
  • Art Metrano as Waiter
  • Edsel Keith as Jamaican Lawyer
  • Derek Rhoen as Robin
  • Gunter Perezak as Harvey
  • Clive Trenchyard as Coffin Client
  • Herbie Round as Copter Pilot
  • Mark Trenchard as Devo


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Virginia L. Stone, Alec McCrombie

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