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The Shadow


The Shadow - 1933.  This is not the shadow that "knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men;" this shadow is a blackmailer, and the bad guy.

It stars Henry Kendall, Elizabeth Allan, and Felix Aylmer.  More information can be found on the IMDB website, if you're into all that.  As for me, I just like watching old movies!

The source for this upload can be found elsewhere on  I cleaned up the audio and decided to share it back to this site.

The Shadow is a 1933 British mystery film directed by George A. Cooper (director) and starring Henry Kendall (actor), Elizabeth Allan (actress) and Felix Aylmer.


  • Henry Kendall (actor) as Reggie Ogden
  • Elizabeth Allan (actress) as Sonia Bryant
  • Felix Aylmer as Sir Richard Bryant
  • Jeanne Stuart as Moya Silverton
  • Cyril Raymond as Silverton
  • Viola Compton as Mrs. Bascomb
  • John Turnbull (actor) as Detective Inspector Carr
  • Ralph Truman as Elliot
  • Dennis Cowles as Chief Inspector Fleming
  • Vincent Holman as Wallis
  • James Raglan as Beverley Kent
  • Gordon Begg as Willit
  • Charles Carson (actor) as Sir Edward Hulme KC

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