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This print is a bit sharper and with a cleaner audio tack. A mystery that opens with a jail break and ends in a lunatic asylum, with lots of old dark house goings on in between. If you don't take this one seriously you're likely to have some fun. Directed by Alan James (as Alvin J Neitz). Released in 1931. complete print

The Phantom is a 1931 American film directed by Alan James.

Plot summary

A group of people are terrorized by a masked killer in an old mansion


  • Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as Dick Mallory
  • Allene Ray as Ruth Hampton
  • Niles Welch as Sam Crandall
  • Tom O'Brien (American actor born 1890) as Police Sgt. Pat Collins
  • Sheldon Lewis as The Thing
  • Wilfred Lucas as Dist. Atty. John Hampton
  • Violet Knights as Lucy (the maid)
  • William Gould (actor) as Dr. Weldon
  • Bobby Dunn as Shorty (the chauffeur)
  • William Jackie as Oscar (the lunatic)


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