The Night Rider


Officer John Brown (Harry Carey) is after the outlaw known as the Night Rider. Posing as Jim Blake he takes a job on the Rogers ranch. He finds the secret passage from the Rogers mine to the Rogers house used by the Night Rider and also a note written by the Night Rider to his henchmen. Practicing his hand writing, he has a plan to trap him.

The Night Rider is a 1932 American film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer, William Nigh (uncredited).


  • Harry Carey (actor) as John Brown / Jim Blake
  • Elinor Fair as Barbara Rogers
  • George "Gabby" Hayes as Altoonie
  • Julian Rivero as Manuel Alonzo Valdez
  • J. Carlton Wetherby as Dan Rogers
  • Nadja (actress) as Saloon Dancer Tula
  • Tom London as Jeff Barton
  • Walter Shumway as Sheriff Lynn Ricker
  • Bob Kortman as Steve
  • Cliff Lyons (actor) as Bert Logan

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