The Mistress of Atlantis

A surreal fantasy adventure adapted from Pierre Benot's novel, "L'Atlantide," which has a superficial resemblance to H Rider Haggard's "She." Directed by George Wilhelm Pabst UK release 1932 US release 1939 a.k.a. "The Lost Atlantis" (US) and "L'Atlantide" (FR) 5 minutes are missing. PRODUCTION NOTE: The English dialog for this version was written by Miles Mander, who became a noted character actor in British and American films. He is here at IA in "Shadows on the Stairs."

L'Atlantide is a 1932 German-French adventure film and fantasy film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst based on the novel Atlantida (novel) by Pierre Benoît (novelist).< name="allmovie"></>


The film is a remake of the L'Atlantide (1921 film) directed by Jacques Feyder.</>
  • Brigitte Helm as Antinéa
  • Pierre Blanchar as Capitaine St. Avil
  • Tela Tchaï as Tanit Zerga
  • Georges Tourreil as Lieutenant Ferrières
  • Vladimir Sokoloff as Hetman de Jaromir
  • Mathias Wieman as Torstenson
  • Jean Angelo as Capitaine Morhange
;English-language cast<></>
  • Brigitte Helm as Antinea
  • John Stuart (actor) as St. Avit
  • Tela Tschai as Tanit Serga
  • Gustav Diessl as Morhange
  • Gibb McLaughlin as Count Bielowsky
  • Mathias Wieman as Torstensen
  • Florelle as Clementine


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