The Milky Way


After the champion middle-weight boxer is knocked out in a scuffle with milkman Harold Lloyd, Harold gets the chance to fight the champ in the ring. Adolphe Menjou and William Gargan also appear. The IMDB entry is here. You can load the mpeg2 file into DVDAuthorGUI (a free program) and, with the push of a button, create the files needed to burn a DVD for your television. If you don't already have burning software, you can use ImgBurn (another free program).

Milky Way (disambiguation)}}
The Milky Way is a 1936 in film comedy film starring Harold Lloyd. Directed by comedy veteran Leo McCarey, the film was written by Grover Jones, Frank Butler (writer) and Richard Connell based on a play of the same name by Lynn Root and Harry Clork which was presented on Broadway theatre in 1934.
An example of the popular screwball comedy genre of the time, and critically Harold Lloyd's most successful talkie, it tells the story of a Brooklyn milkman who becomes middleweight boxing champion. The Milky Way features supporting performances by Adolphe Menjou and Verree Teasdale.
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Timid milkman Burleigh Sullivan (Lloyd) becomes involved in a brawl which ends up with Speed McFarland, the world middleweight champion being knocked out cold (he never in fact threw a punch; he merely ducked to get out of the way of a punch which brought the champ down).
McFarland's boss, the crooked Gabby Sloan (Adolphe Menjou), decides to promote Sullivan in a series of fixed fights that will culminate in him being knocked out in a real fight with McFarland. Against all the odds, Sullivan triumphs and becomes world champion.


  • Harold Lloyd as Burleigh "Tiger" Sullivan
  • Adolphe Menjou as Gabby Sloan (Speed's manager)
  • Verree Teasdale as Ann Westley
  • Helen Mack as Mae Sullivan (Burleigh's sister)
  • William Gargan as Speed McFarland (middleweight champ)
  • George Barbier (actor) as Wilbur Austin
  • Dorothy Wilson (actress) as Polly Pringle
  • Lionel Stander as Spider Schultz (Speed's bodyguard)
  • Charles Lane (actor) as Willard
  • Marjorie Gateson as Mrs. E. Winthrop Lemoyne
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Cast notes:
  • Anthony Quinn has an uncredited bit part as an extra, his first film appearance.
  • Thomas A. Curran the early american silent film star plays an uncredited bit part.


The Milky Way had originally been optioned as a vehicle for Jack Oakie with Edward Everett Horton and Gertrude Michael in the main supporting roles, but when Oakie was replaced with Harold Lloyd, the role of the manager was to go to William Frawley, because studio executives felt that Lloyd and Horton were too similar in comic style. The part eventually went to Adolphe Menjou. Lionel Stander] played the role of "Spider" Schultz in both versions of the film.
In 2004, the premise of a mild-mannered milkman turned boxer would again be used in the

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