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The Mandarin Mystery

Ellery Queen mystery

The Mandarin Mystery is a 1936 American film directed by Ralph Staub, loosely based on The Chinese Orange Mystery, a novel featuring detective character Ellery Queen.

Plot summary


  • Eddie Quillan as Ellery Queen
  • Charlotte Henry as Josephine Temple
  • Rita La Roy as Martha Kirk
  • Wade Boteler as Inspector Queen
  • Franklin Pangborn as Mellish, the hotel manager
  • George Irving (American actor) as Dr. Alexander Kirk
  • Kay Hughes as Irene Kirk
  • William Newell (actor) as Detective Guffy
  • George Walcott as Donald Trent
  • Edwin Stanley as Howard Bronson
  • Edgar Allen as Detective
  • Bert Roach
  • Richard Beach as Reporter
  • Monte Vandergrift as Detective
  • Grace Durkin as Girl on Street Corner
  • Mary Russell as Girl on Street Corner
  • Mary Bovard as Girl At Cocktail Bar
  • June Johnson as Girl At Cocktail Bar


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