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The Light Of Faith


This is the condensed version of the mostly lost feature film "A Light In The Dark" (1922). This film was re-cut in the 1930s to be used as an inspirational film. The film stars Hope Hampton and Lon Chaney. The music contained on the soundtrack is recorded by Kevin MacLeod and is released under Creative Commons.

The Light in the Dark is a 1922 American film directed by Clarence Brown and featuring Lon Chaney, Sr..
The film is also known as The Light of Faith.

Plot summary


  • Hope Hampton as Bessie MacGregor
  • E.K. Lincoln as J.Warburton Ashe
  • Lon Chaney, Sr. as Tony Pantelli
  • Theresa Maxwell Conover as Mrs. Templeton Orrin
  • Dorothy Walters as Mrs. Callerty
  • Charles Mussett as Detective Braenders
  • Edgar Norton as Peters
  • Dore Davidson as Jerusalem Mike
  • Mr. McClune as Socrates S. Stickles


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Hope Hampton

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