The Gang's All Here


Two friends take jobs as truck drivers, unaware that the trucking company is being targeted by a gang of saboteurs who will stop at nothing, including murder, to stop them.

The Gang's All Here (1941 in film) is an American black-and-white feature film starring Frankie Darro, Marcia Mae Jones, and Jackie Moran in a story about a truck drivers company targeted by saboteurs. The film was directed by Jean Yarbrough, produced by Lindsley Parsons, and is one of several that paired Darro and Moreland. The film is known as In the Night in the United Kingdom.

Plot and cast

Frankie O'Malley (Frankie Darro) and Jefferson Smith (Mantan Moreland) apply for work at the Overland Transport Company, a firm run by Pop Wallace (Robert Homans). The boys are unaware that a trucking war is in progress and that Wallace's trucks are being wrecked and his men killed. Frankie and Jefferson are hired.
On one of their hauls, the two are taken prisoners by hi-jackers from a rival firm. Meanwhile, George Lee (Keye Luke), an undercover agent for the insurance company that is covering Overland's claims, has learned that Pop Wallace is working with Ray Saunders (Irving Mitchell), division superintendent for the insurance company. Saunders has a hold over Wallace and is forcing him to participate against his will.
Frankie and Jefferson escape from the hi-jackers and return to Wallace's garage to find him slugged and unconscious. The boys decide to get the evidence that will clear Wallace before the police move in. With help from friends, the two manage to break into the hi-jacker's stronghold, but are captured. Saunders has the group loaded into a truck and driven out into the country-side to be murdered. The thug driving the truck breaks the speed limit and the cops are soon on his tail. Cast includes Marcia Mae Jones as Patsy Wallace, Jackie Moran as Chick Daly, Jack Ingram as Matt, and Ed Cassidy as Jack Norton.

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