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The Devil's Hand (1962)

A man keeps seeing a beautiful woman in his dreams. It turns out she's real and the visions are no coincidence as she is a member of a devil cult. Stars Robert Alda, Linda Christian, and Niel Hamilton from the "Batman" tv series.

The Devil's Hand is a 1962 American film directed by William J. Hole Jr..


Rick Turner is engaged to Donna Trent and is having nightmares of a beautiful blonde woman who appears to be dancing in the sky. One night, he is mysteriously driven to enter a doll shop, and in the next morning he returns to the place with Donna. He finds a doll that resembles his fiancé, but the owner Francis Lamont delivers another doll to him, with the face of the woman of his dreams, Bianca Milan. Rick looks for Bianca and is seduced and convinced by her to join a sect that worships the diabolic "Devil-god of Evil" Gamba, while the health of Donna is threatened by Francis and Bianca. Francis Lamont, the "High Executioner" of the sect, threatens various members of the cult via his voodoo powers, which are also used upon a journalist who infiltrates the sect. Ultimately Rick Turner escapes the influence of the beautiful witch Bianca Milan and helps Donna to escape the burning temple of Gamba.


  • Linda Christian as Bianca Milan
  • Robert Alda as Rick Turner
  • Ariadne Welter as Donna Trent
  • Neil Hamilton (actor) as Francis "Frank" Lamont
  • Gene Craft
  • Jeanne Carmen as The Blonde Cultist
  • Julie Scott
  • Diana Spears
  • Gertrude Astor as The Elderly Cultist
  • Bruno VeSota as Lindell's Sponsor
  • Dick Lee
  • Jim Knight
  • Coleen Vico
  • Roy Wright (actor) as Doctor
  • Romona Ravez



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