The Boss of Big Town


From IMDb: Diligent City Market official Michael Lynn resists overtures by well-to-do gangster Kenneth Craige to fix produce and dairy prices during wartime. Lynn seems unable to stop the resulting sabotage and violence on the part of the mob to bring the farmers and wholesalers into line and so is fired by city attorney Jeffrey Moore. After Lynn's assistant Bram Hart is murdered for going to the authorities, Lynn takes responsibility for his daughter and feigns co-operation with Craige in order to discover the real boss of the criminal enterprise. Lynn unmasks Moore as the corrupt head, and the conspiracy is exposed and foiled. Stars: John Litel, Florence Rice, H.B. Warner, and John Miljan

The Boss of Big Town is a 1942 American film directed by Arthur Dreifuss.


  • John Litel as Michael Lynn
  • Florence Rice as Linda Gregory
  • H.B. Warner as Jeffrey Moore
  • John Miljan as Craige
  • Jean Brooks as Iris Moore
  • David Bacon (actor) as Dr. Gil Page
  • Mary Gordon (actress) as Mrs. Lane
  • Frank Ferguson as Bram Hart
  • Lloyd Ingraham as Insp. Torrence
  • John Maxwell (actor) as Foster
  • Paul Dubov as Graham
  • Patricia Prest as Frances Hart

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