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The Bloody Brood


Peter Falk, a drug-dealer who consorts with beatniks, decides that it would be a thrill to murder. The IMDB entry is here.

The Bloody Brood is a 1959 Canadian film directed by Julian Roffman.


A man begins to investigate on his own the death of his brother, who died from eating a hamburger laced with ground glass. With the police case stalled because of ineptness, the man's own investigation leads him toward a beatnik hang-out frequented by Nico (Peter Falk), a shady character who supplies drugs to the patrons and philosophizes about the ills of the world.


  • Jack Betts as Cliff
  • Barbara Lord as Ellie
  • Peter Falk as Nico
  • Robert Christie (actor) as Detective McLeod
  • Ron Hartmann as Francis
  • Anne Collins (actress) as A Model
  • Bill Bryden as Studs
  • George Sperdakos as Ricky
  • Ron Taylor (actor) <!--, not Ron_Taylor_(actor) --> as Dave
  • Michael Zenon as Weasel
  • William R. Kowalchuk as Roy
  • Sammy Sales as Louis
  • Kenneth Wickes as Paul the Poet
  • Carol Starkman as Blonde Neighbor
  • Rolf Colstan as Stephanex

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