That Brennan Girl


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That Brennan Girl is a 1946 American film directed by Alfred Santell.
The film is also known as Tough Girl (American reissue title).


  • James Dunn (actor) as Denny Reagan aka Prof. Who's Its
  • Mona Freeman as Ziggy Brennan
  • William Marshall (actor born 1917) as CPO Martin J. 'Mart' Neilson
  • June Duprez as Natalie Brennan
  • Frank Jenks as Joe the Cabbie
  • Dorothy Vaughan as Mrs. Reagan, Denny's Mother
  • Charles Arnt as Fred, Natalie's 2nd Husband
  • Rosalind Ivan as Mrs. Merryman the Nosey Landlady
  • Fay Helm as Helen, Ziggy's Neighbor
  • Bill Kennedy (actor) as Arthur, Helen's Husband
  • Connie Leon as Miss Jane, Merryman Resident
  • Edythe Elliott as Miss Unity, Jane's Sister
  • Sarah Padden as Mrs. Graves, the Nice Landlady
  • Jean Stevens (actress) as Dottie, Natalie's Friend
  • Lucien Littlefield as The Florist
  • Marion Martin as Marion, Natalie's Girl Friend
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