Sunset Range


Grant hides stolen money in the luggage of Bonnie Shea who is moving west. Later when he and his men arrive to retrieve the money, they also kidnap Bonnie. This sends Reasonin' Bates and his cowhands on their horses after the gangsters in their cars. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Sunset Range is a 1935 American Western (genre) film directed by Ray McCarey.


  • Hoot Gibson as Reasonin' Bates
  • Mary Doran as Mary "Bonnie" Shea
  • James Eagles as Eddie Shea
  • Walter McGrail as Grant
  • John Elliott (actor) as Dan Caswell
  • Ralph Lewis (actor) as Sheriff
  • Eddie Lee as Lee Fong the cook
  • Kitty McHugh as Della (the Maid)

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Ray McCarey

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