Spook Town


Dry Gulch Trading Post owner Kurt Fabian (Robert Barron) advances money on mortgages to the local settlers to finance an irrigation program. Three Texas Rangers, Tex Wyatt (Dave O'Brien), Jim Steele (James Newill) and Panhandle Perkins (Guy Wilkerson) transport the money in a strong box which they place in the Wells Fargo safe as agent Sam Benson (Dick Curtis) assures them that he is the only one who knows the safe combination.

Spook Town is a 1944 American film directed by Elmer Clifton.


  • Dave O'Brien (actor) as Texas Ranger Tex
  • James Newill as Texas Ranger Jim
  • Guy Wilkerson as Texas Ranger Panhandle
  • Mady Lawrence as Lucy Warren
  • Dick Curtis as Sam Benson
  • Harry Harvey (actor) as Drywash Thompson
  • Ed Cassidy (actor) as Ranger Capt. Wyatt
  • Charles King (actor) as Trigger
  • Robert Barron (actor born 1896) as Kurt Fabian
  • Richard Alexander (actor) as Henchman


  • James Newill - "Sleepy Hollow" (Written by Dave O'Brien and James Newill)
  • James Newill - "El Lobo" (Written by Dave O'Brien and James Newill)

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